Excavation and Stabilization of Gerad project

Stabilization of excavation walls

Implementation of dynamic compaction on land extracted from sea floor materials

Implementation of all types of piles

Reinforced Earth

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)

TechnologiesTechnologies used in company projects

Top-Down Construction Method

Top-down method is a rapid method which enables builders to construct the substructure and superstructure simultaneously. Likewise it is used as an excavation stabilization method in cases where you can’t or you are not allowed to use the other geotechnical methods such as soil nailing and soil anchorage.

Rock fall and Avalanche Barrier

Different types of barriers are used to avoid mortal results of falling large and small rock or debris. Determining the determination of the potential falling rock weights and the calculation of the impact energy is the key point to decide the type of the barrier.


Shotcrete is a process of spraying concrete to the soil faced walls to create a concrete facing for reducing erosion and weathering of soil and rock. Also it is a structural part in soil stabilizing methods and tunneling as well. It could be reinforced by steel or PP fibers and steel wire mesh.

Diaphragm Walls

Diaphragm walls are continues adjacent concrete walls to reduce mainly the underground water seepage and apart of engineering load-bearing elements to stabilize deep excavations with a strong vertical facing.

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AboutMahar Shaloodeh co.

Mahar Shaloodeh company now in the second decade of its activities, with the aim to meet the needs of a growing civil engineering company and taking advantages of various experiences, has been developed in different areas of geotechnical expertise.

The company has been specialized in implementation of bridges, tunnels, concrete structures, heavy steel structures and as well geotechnical areas as follows:

Implementation of all types of piles
Trenching and piling
Stabilizing of the excavation walls even lower than water level
Underground structures
Soil improvement
Geotechnical strengthening of existing structures
Implementation of the guard walls of reinforced soil
Geotechnical survey
Sealing of the dams and cavities and environmental protection

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ProjectsA number of projects undertaken by the company are as follows

Valiasr Crossroad

Construction of Valiasr Crossroad pedestrian underpass

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Watch the videoGeotechnical strengthening of existing structures & Implementation of the guard walls of reinforced


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